recruitment - Auto Decline Improperly Filled Out App.

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recruitment - Auto Decline Improperly Filled Out App. Empty recruitment - Auto Decline Improperly Filled Out App.

Post  snickerz on Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:10 am

Name, Age, Location

Andrew! 17 ! Texas

Computer, Input Devices, Communication

comp is good! i have vent! im always on skype


just had surgery so i am stranded at home! all day and all night! so i am ready to go whenever

Experience, Value

killed heroic LK on 10 man back on blackrock and was on heroic lk in 25 ... my guilds were words under my name and mediocrity


Seven jeans true religion!!! i sold my old account to pay for my moms surgery and gilmar was nice enough to recruit a friend me


Class, Specialization, Role, Professions

I know all the fights from the melee dps point of view

Equipment, Itemization, Sockets, Enchants.

I only have 1 good wep! I go for 100% armor pen then start stacking strength! i want to try mongoose on my 2hander! european players are crazy about the mongoose arms right now! once i get a second wep i would go fury for raiding in a heartbeat


User Interface, Setup, Reaction

i use my mouse to run and turn and all my abilities are macroed along with /startattack to insure im always attacking...i use power auras classic to make sure i never miss a proc....cooldown pulse helps me use abilities on cooldown whether they are short cooldowns (bloodthirst/whirlwind) or long cooldowns (recklessness/deathwish)...i have DBM ... i dont use a dps meter because i would get distracted too easily.

Output, Performance

never figured out how to link a parse but on this character all my parses would definately be turrible seeing as i have only raided as arms or fury with dual TBeheader



We are not an equal opportunity employer, and we do discriminate based on age, playstyle, experience, and availability. This application assumes you are going to attend raids, and you will not leave them just because you have the items you want. You are agreeing to maintain your attendance as much as it is within your power, and verifying that you have truthfully looked at our rules and ideals. Please fill in this space with any string of characters to verify that you have read and understand this in entirety. This application will be held on file in the event of dispute to these terms.


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recruitment - Auto Decline Improperly Filled Out App. Empty Re: recruitment - Auto Decline Improperly Filled Out App.

Post  Pokerface on Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:25 pm

alot was missed here please re-fill out the app properly for any consideration.


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