Visine, Pally Tank. Application Approved

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Visine, Pally Tank. Application Approved

Post  Visine on Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:30 pm

Please Copy Paste This and Post it filled out , not filling things out , or skipping questions/and or not following the directions of the app will be an automatic decline!

Name, Age, Location
Dan, 24, Northern California. Im 24 and run a construction company and play wow for fun. I like to think im a social person who likes to bullshit when time allows and get down to business when needed.

Please tell us how to address you, and a little bit about yourself. We're not really interested in candidates that are incapable of being somewhat social. You do not have to give a real name, but we need to know what you prefer to be called. Your age and general location are both mandatory.

Computer, Input Devices, Communication
I use a Imac, and currently just use the keyboard and mouse that came with it. I have vent and skype and also have my own 25 vent server if ever needed.

Tell us about your computer, your input devices (Mouse/Keyboard) if they are anything specific, and whether you will be able to communicate through Ventrilo. We are not interested in players who are not willing to use Ventrilo. You must be able to use a microphone for your interview.

Schedule: I can show up as early as 5 server time and i live alone so i don't have a time I have to log. Any day except Friday and Saturday work for me, gotta get my drink on sometime =)

Please tell us your general schedule, and when you are not available. Also tell us what raid days you are able to attend. Only list specific days. Please list a time that is convenient for a ventrilo interview, as well.

Experience, Value
I raided in Vanilla on a priest from MC - Naxx. In BC i didnt raid at all. In Wrath im a 10 man kingslayer 5/12 HM raid leader. I bring a knowledge of my class and encounters of fights/

Tell us about your previous raiding experience, and why We should consider you as a raiding candidate. Please convince us what you bring to the table other than just another spot in our roster. And include previous exp all the way back to vanilla.


Tell us why you are leaving your current guild, and everything pertaining to this.

Ok here is the novel. I run a guild called which was a pure 10 man guild. Ever since we got our Kingslayer achieve people have not been showing up and i have to pug weekly just to get the first couple bosses down. To be honest im just tired of it, I've been trying for weeks to get it to work and it just isn't possible.


Class, Specialization, Role, Professions

Pally tank with Holy off set. Proffs are JC only

Please link your armory profile. Please tell us why you play this specific class, or specific role and specialization. We are interested in candidates who enjoy their characters and not really looking for 'flavor of the month' players. List some things about your character, specifically favorite talents, or why you have elected some talents or items over others that are available. Tell us about your professions and why you feel they are important to you.

Equipment, Itemization, Sockets, Enchants.
My equipment is based on mitigation and threat per fights. I switch gear based on what the mechanics of the fight are and gem accordingly for that. I have obtained these pieces from 25 icc to sindragosa and my 10 man. I use my enchants to boost my stam and threat to hold agro on trash and encounters.

Tell us about your equipment, why you have elected it, where you obtained some of the notable pieces. Tell us why you have picked the pieces you have, and why you have elected these specific gems and enchants. The more information you can show us that you understand about your character, the more appealing you are as a candidate.


My playstyle is holding agro. I use addons to help me out. Pally power, omen, DBM and recount.

User Interface, Setup, Reaction

Post a screenshot of your user interface using the uploading tool on this forum, or using an external url. Explain to us why it is designed that way, and how you behave in game - whether you click buttons, use keybindings, mouse to turn, keyboard to turn. Tell us as much about the kind of player you are as possible.

Output, Performance
I use my rotation with Avenging wrath to pump out my TPS at start of fights.

For Damage based applications, please list some parses from any of the popular online websites of any kind of dungeon. 10 or 25 player content would be preferred, but we'll look at anything possible. Heroic dungeons, Vault of Archavon, just run them and keep your combat logs, and upload them to a service like WoWMeterOnline, or WWS, and link it here. Tanking and Healing will be evaluated in a different manner. Also, explain to us in vivid detail how you elect what to use and cast. Please give us a fight in the current tier of content as an example and how you would react to specific situations.


We are not an equal opportunity employer, and we do discriminate based on age, playstyle, experience, and availability. This application assumes you are going to attend raids, and you will not leave them just because you have the items you want. You are agreeing to maintain your attendance as much as it is within your power, and verifying that you have truthfully looked at our rules and ideals. Please fill in this space with any string of characters to verify that you have read and understand this in entirety. This application will be held on file in the event of dispute to these terms.



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real id

Post  Pokerface on Mon Aug 02, 2010 2:13 am

just toss an officer your real id , and ask for an invite.


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