Rules And Ideals ( Read In Full Before Applying )

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Rules And Ideals ( Read In Full Before Applying )  Empty Rules And Ideals ( Read In Full Before Applying )

Post  Pokerface on Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:20 pm

Wipe it was made with the thought Raiding should be a discipline, a reward, and an entertainment. We believe that an online social community is as important as success, and we strongly support the idea that this is more than just a game. We are focused on both progression and achievement, with heavy emphasis on camraderie and discipline. It is important to note what we aim to be so that you are aware of the limitations and expectations overall.

You will not see world firsts, and probably not a great many realm firsts as of yet. You will see the hard modes in a timely fashion, on pace with the other top guilds on the realm. You will see the content quickly as it is released, and will not be waiting five months after the next tier of content just to see the bosses of the last. You will become geared, and you will be expected to maintain a level of discipline above and beyond casual play. You will see people pushing for both cosmetic and progression achievements, speed kills, complicated kills, vanity mounts, and vanity titles. You will see officers that put the interest of the guild above their own, and a leadership that refuses to be taken lightly. You will see a leadership that respects its players, and chastises mistakes without humiliating them.

We have Raid Leaders, These are the only people to be speaking on vent during boss encounters unless otherwise told so. We do like our members to socialize and have fun but boss encounters is not the time for that, nor is new content trash. This is not some sort of neo-nazi guild We will not tolerate the N-bomb, or various other stereotypical slanders. Respect peoples real life decisions (such as straight edge, or being Christian, etc.) Religion and Politics have no place in guild chat or ventrilo. If you must be a racist keep in tells with your fellow racists , if We see it or hear it you will be demoted. You are expected to keep a good reputation on the server not just for our guild but for yourself this means no trade trolling, no talking in general chat during raids, no nerd raging on baddies ( leave bad pugs respectfully or pretend to dc ) etc. If you have a problem with someone in guild, don't make a scene in Gchat for you will be kicked before you can get a second line off of your nerdrage. Please speak to myself ( Pokerface ) or one of our officers Syzygy,Starcallêr and whom ever else is @ High Council status about the problem and we will try and resolve it without creating a scene.

You will not see expectations of play that are beyond reasonable. We will not ask you to drop every profession each patch, or to spend exorbitant amounts of gold and materials to craft every single new tier of items, or replace every gem and enchant to absolutely maximize your output. But you will be expected to maximize your output to a standard. You'll be required to have the best available enchants, gems, and glyphs within reason. You will be expected to show up on time, and to return to content to help others gear up even when you have what you wanted. You will be expected to play to the best of your ability, both during raids and outside of raids.

If you are looking for gear, this is not the guild for you. If you are looking for world-competitive progression i.e. US Top 50, this is not the guild for you. If you are looking for hardcore player vs. player, this is not the guild for you. If you are looking to play one or two nights a week, and spend most of your free time on alts, this is not the guild for you. If you have gear goals, this is not the guild for you. If you absolutely have to raid with your bff or gf/bf , this is not the guild for you. If you cannot stand being on a wait list and not being in 100% of raids, this is not the guild for you.

If you are looking for a team with people who genuinely live and breath a gamut of activities, and share a common enjoyment for raiding, this is the guild for you. If you seek a task force with leadership that does not consider itself above the membership, this is the guild for you.

We invite you to apply to the guild if you can handle this. The balance of casual and hardcore, the interminable cycle of perpetual upkeep and community, and the discipline to excel in each.

Raiding is our primary goal. It is pretty much the entire purpose for discipline, hierarchy, council system, and structure. Without the raiding environment there would be little need for most of this construction as the meaningful content would be limited to five man dungeons and small player vs. player. That much said, raiding is why you are here.

Raids are from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm CST, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
This will drop back some at the start of the school year to accommodate a few of our student raiders.
Currently we also run 25 mans on Sunday/Monday with the transfer guild "Censored" this however is an optional raid night,
and is not required in the mandatory attendence policy.

You must attend 75% of these raids to maintain raider status.
We have raiders, and we have socials, and never the two shall meet. If you are admitted into the guild as a raider it is just that, there is no 'backup' member, there is no 'bring in socials if there is an opening'. If we do not have the raiders for an encounter we do not do it. The exception to this is extremely rare. We do not bring in social members unless they are former raiders that do not have time to maintain the status anymore, and even then, it would have to be a relatively extreme situation. Wipe it does not routinely cancel raids, but we will cancel a raid before we bring in extremely under geared people that will prevent it from being done properly.

To be a raider in Wipe it, you must maintain 75% attendance during the course of a month. There are placements with appropriate rewards for people who maintain higher than this, but at the minimum you must be present for 75% of our encounters. If you fall below 75% attendance you will be placed in probation or demoted to social. Members in the probhation are not allowed to roll on items, and will only receive them as an absolute last priority before off-specialized looting.

If you are a raider, you are expected to be present for 100% of the raids. If you will not be present, you are expected to let us know by making a post in the Attendence area of our forums. You will be penalized if you do not let us know. Missing raids is the primary reason progression is slowed. The more consistently you attend, the higher your value to the guild.
Wipe it maintains a stand by list. The stand by list is not a 'second string' of raiders, but rather a tight, controlled overstocking of primary raid members.

The stand by facilitates several functions in that it allows us to continue even when someone has to miss an evening, and it gives us the ability to replace people who perform poorly. Members that are on a stand by provided i can reach them on vent or ingame at all times will receive acknowlegement that you attended. The stand by list is made by rotating people over the course of the week, few members will see 100% playtime. While stand by, a member may do anything they wish as long as they can be reached in-game or in ventrilo.

Officers will take your real id. You must be on real id in some sort, or available in our ventrilo server. If you are not available in some facet, or are unable to come in upon request, you will be considered out of attendence, and it will be noted that you "missed' the full raid.

Let it be very evident that we use a loot council/priority based looting system. Our main goal is to make sure that Tanks/Healers are the first players to receive gear considering that they are the "head" of a 10man raid, mind you this isnt to a crazy extent obviously if there is a new boss and we are having trouble meeting enrage timers, but tanks are not getting 2 shotted we will quickly gear the dps. So if someone gets a specific piece before you do please understand our looting system and know that gear is bound to drop again. Also know that current members get a bit of leeway over new recruits (I.E. trials) and will most likely receive loot only if no other member needs it. Keep in mind the above statement only applies until your two week trial period is over and you are a core member/raider.

In order to maintain quality, we have requirements for raiding members. Failure to meet these requirements will result in removal from the raiding roster. These are non-negotiable, and not open to discussion. These are mandatory for even admittance into a raiding spot.

All items must be enchanted with Wrath of the Lich King quality enchants.

All gem sockets must contain epic gems.

You must have your role-related head enchant from faction reputation.

You must have a Wrath of the Lich King level shoulder enchant. This is obtained through the Sons of Hodir, or by being a Scribe.

You must bring enough flasks for an entire raid. Elixirs are acceptable, but you must use two, and you must have them for every encounter. ( which would likely be more expensive then using a flask. )

You may not have Player vs. Player oriented gems, glyphs, enchants, or talents unless it is relevant to the Player vs. Environment encounters.

You must have enough food for raiding. Fish Feasts are frequent, but you should never expect them.

The guild is generally willing to assist you in some of this. We provide Abyss Crystals for enchanting items of level 264 or higher to members that have proven they are prepared to stay.

There are also a very select few modifications that you must have in order to raid with us. All of these Mods must be up to date at all times.

You must have Omen. An equivalent will not suffice.

You must have Deadly Boss Mods. BigWigs does not suffice.

You must have Pally Power, if you are a Paladin.

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