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My app

Post  Averidel on Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:40 pm

Name, Age, Location
- Jennifer, or Jenn 23, Lexington, NC

Computer, Input Devices, Communication
- Everything works dandy and have/use Vent with mic so won't be a problem.

- My main best time would be between 8-9 server time until whenever for ICC and can do smaller raids pretty much anytime. Only reason I say 8-9 server because I have a kiddo.

Experience, Value
- I have ran ICC10 and got ach. for first 7 bosses and also fought Dreamwalker. With ICC25 I have only gotten to the first wing, but would love to go further, but last guild could never get passed it. I have little experience in RS as of right now. I have tried it once, but didn't go very well.

- I was in the Raiders guild, but recently a lot of arguing and drama has been going on between the GM's and acting like it's middle school, but online/on vent. Loved the guild, but too much drama for my liking.

- I play a lvl 80 (of course lol) m-dps Pally. My gearscore at the moment is 5681, but currently working on the rest of my set (damn frost). I have been playing this toon for awhile now and just loved playing it. This is one of my better toons and I find this toon easier to play for me. I also have an off-spec on healing, but it isn't the greatest right now. My gearscore on that is little over 5k and I do wonderful in 5 mans, but have problems in 10/25 (run out of mana fast). So, dps is my tank spec and if anyone needs randoms, or anything, I will go healing. I love healing, but can't seem to grasp it fully enough to heal 10/25.

Equipment, Itemization, Sockets, Enchants.
- Most of my gear is from either Blacksmith, ICC, or from the frost vendor. If I'm not mistaken I think I only need to replace 3-4 items to have all 251+ items. Everything that has an socket I have put +20 Stre. in.

- I can't figure out how to upload a screen shot, but I just use a basic UI that shows my health/mana and everyones elses. Along with their buffs. I use Recount, Gearscore, DMB, Pally Power, Clique and a few others I can't think of at the moment.

Output, Performance
- Just from my what I know from recount my dps on trash in ICC is usually between 12-15k and on bosses usually around 7k. I don't have an log upload (no idea how to do it/set it up), but more than willing to run a dungeon, or show to someone if need be, lol, just an idea!


We are not an equal opportunity employer, and we do discriminate based on age, playstyle, experience, and availability. This application assumes you are going to attend raids, and you will not leave them just because you have the items you want. You are agreeing to maintain your attendance as much as it is within your power, and verifying that you have truthfully looked at our rules and ideals. Please fill in this space with any string of characters to verify that you have read and understand this in entirety. This application will be held on file in the event of dispute to these terms.




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Re: My app

Post  Pokerface on Wed Sep 01, 2010 1:49 am

we usually start raids at 7 server, so i couldnt really bring you as a raider over anyone that is constantly on , on time .. but you're welcome to join as a social.


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