Needed Classes ATM

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Needed Classes ATM

Post  Pokerface on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:52 pm

3 Pallies 1 Prot 1 Ret 1 Holy
2 Warriors 1 Prot 1 Dps
4 Druids 1 Moonkin 1 Feral 2 Resto
1 Rogue
4 Shamans 1 Ele 1 Enhance 2 Resto
2 DKs 1 Tank 1 Tank with dps off set.
3 Priests 1 Shadow 1 Disc 1 Holy
1 Warlock Demo primary Aff off spec.
1 Hunter

Also, if you are an amazing 25 raider but do not have time to do 25s tues/weds/thrus i will consider inviting you as "social" if you are looking to just attend our 25s on Sunday/Monday - You would be considered social as far as the t/w/t raids go but invited on sunday/monday providing you are as good as we expect of you, the same rules that apply to raiders would apply to you but your mandatory attendence would be only sun/mon in said case.
Incase you're wondering why a 10 man guild would be looking for so many members we have enough members that we would be able to make a 2nd 10s group that would not be "2nd string" and could easily be as progressed as our g1. Also keep in mind if that scares you, some of the listed classes are being looked at for g1 as well. Of course in the same respect if that scares you please refer to guild ideals/rules as waiting list is addressed there. Also currently we are already running a group 2 but it is done on an off night as some of our 1st group people are forced to play well geared alts to make it work atm.

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